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Fundraising is about Community Support

Zobily is a social shopping platform that links local merchants with charities, non-profits, schools (any organized groups) and its supporters and members. We utilize supporters' everyday social and shopping activities to generate revenue for groups, while helping local merchants drive more business. Local merchants want to reward these groups and their members for being loyal customers and sharing their business with friends and family. Zobily allows merchants to select a rebate amount that gets distributed as cash back to group members who purchase from their business. When they buy in the network they get a discount AND the group earns referral cash back using an extremely secure technology platform.

If you have raised money for your group in the past, you know bake sales and other fundraisers have short lifespans and can be very time consuming. By signing up your group or charity with Zobily, it can earn cash back all year round. This unique fundraising idea of Social Giving is an innovative way to think about creating a charitable social commerce referral network without asking for direct donations. We also have a mobile app so it’s easy to find local merchants in the network.

Leverage the Power of Your Supporters Networks.

Your Social Giving Circles encompass three parts and your organization is at the Center. Invite your most loyal supporters into the Inner Circle, and your organization earns half of their savings when they shop in the Zobily network. Your Outer Circle are your supporters' friends, and they also generate referral dollars for you, equal to half of your Inner Circles rewards.

The Circles can grow quickly! You'll earn a portion of the amount spent by each supporter in your Circle when they shop, eat and play in our network. Your Social Giving Circles can be a powerful platform for generating dollars for your organization while helping your Community.

Blog post 2