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No Coupon Clipping Required!

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Sign up your customers for your loyalty program and earn cash when they shop at merchants locally or online! Turn your customers into your sales force as word of mouth advertising is still number one!

Your Customers AreSharing…

Are They SharingYour business?

Zobily gives merchants a powerful new social shopping platform to draw new clients and reward existing customers for their loyalty. We link merchants with customers and their friends through social sharing and social media, leveraging your best customers to bring in more business. Our innovative technology allows merchants to select a discount that they can afford. That discount gets distributed as cash back to their customers AND the friends they refer. When customers buy in the network they get a discount. They also earn referral cash back when their friends buy, all by using an extremely secure technology platform. The incentive for members to refer and share businesses is a core piece of the Zobily platform. We make it easy for customers to share, invite and refer through social media on our mobile app found in the Apple iTunes store.


The Zobily social shopping referral network provides a seamless solution for merchants and customers:

Use existing payment processing solutions - no cards, codes or hassles
You select the discount level that best suits your business
No merchant costs other than the discount paid after you make a sale
Discount distributed through local social circles
PCI compliant, reliable, safe and secure
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